Personal Financial Statement

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Advanced financial analysis software used for the valuation of income producing properties is NOW AVAILABLE!

With The Value Play Personal Financial Statement, you can quickly and easily update your assets, liabilities, and net worth in terrific presentation format!  These professional looking statements are perfect for your lender!  NO MORE HAND WRITTEN FORMS!  NO MORE FILLING OUT LENGTHY AND TIME CONSUMING FINANCIAL STATEMENTS! 

The information in the Personal Financial Statement can be updated as often as you like - monthly, quarterly, or whenever you like!  Use The Value Play Analyzer to properly value prospective apartment buildings, and then use the Personal Financial Statement to give to your lender for a clean, professional looking statement!

Features include:

  • Individual Information Section
  • Optional Spousal Information Section
  • Balance Sheet Summary Section - Assets, Liabilities, and Net Worth
  • Annual Income Section
  • Contingent Liabilities Section
  • Current Assets Schedule (Cash in Banks and Other Institutions)
  • Marketable Securities Schedule
  • Non-marketable Securities Schedule
  • Notes and Accounts Receivable Schedule
  • Notes Payable Schedule
  • Credit Card Schedule

Know immediately what impact changing the information in the schedules will have on:

  • Total For a Particular Schedule or Section
  • Total Assets
  • Total Liabilities
  • Net Worth
  • Total Liabilities and Net Worth
Personal Financial Statement
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