Rental House Analyzer

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Advanced financial analysis software used for the valuation of single family rent house is NOW AVAILABLE!

The Value Play Rent House Analyzer offers exciting investment analysis software that will enable you to analyze each property using two unique stages - 1) Comparable Sales and 2) Cash Flow!  Determine If the rental house you are thinking about buying will pass both of these tests before you invest a single dime in it! 

To properly analyze rental property for investment purposes requires that each and every property that goes into your real estate investment portfolio meet two vitally important criteria.

1)  Comparable Sales Test - The house should be purchased only at or below fair market value.  FMV is determined by examining comparable properties that have sold at some point in the past and applying those values to the house you are considering for investment purposes.  Comparable sales data is readily available from any real estate agent,, or your own familiarity with market prices in your area.

2)  Cash Flow Test - This test is just as important, if not more so, as the first test.  The investment in your rental house must absolutely cash flow properly if you are to succeed in the real estate business.  This means that you must be able to charge a high enough rent to pay all of the property's related expenses, including repairs and maintenance, taxes, and insurance.  After all expenses have been paid, you must then be able to service the property's debt, i.e. pay any related loan costs.  After everything has been paid, your rental house should be cash flow positive!  This means that you should have something left over - also known as Return On Investment, or ROI.

The software, developed by author Steve Berges of The Complete Guide to Investing in Rental Properties, can be used in your Excel spreadsheet!  Simply open the file and key in your variables to produce instant and powerful analysis of any rental property!

With The Value Play Rent House Analyzer, you can quickly, easily, and accurately determine if your rental house meets the Comparable Sales Test and the Cash Flow Test Simply key in the comparable sales data, along with your cost and financing assumptions, and evaluate within minutes your potential profits!

Features include:

  • Market Comparables Section (can be turned on or off)

  • Purchase Assumptions

  • Financing Assumptions - Primary

  • Key Rental Property Analysis Ratios

  • Operating Revenue Assumptions

  • Operating Expense Section

  • Cash Flow Analysis

  • Key Investment Ratios

  • Forecast Revenues, Expenses, and Income Over a 5 Year Time Horizon

Variables include:

  • Purchase Price

  • Interest Rate

  • Term

  • Down Payment

  • Income and Revenue

  • Estimated Closing Costs

  • Comparables Sales

  • Adjustments to Sales Price

  • Comparable Sales Averages

  • Turn Comps On or Off

  • Rental Increase Projections

  • Vacancy Rate

  • Operating Expense Projections

  • Taxes

  • Insurance

  • Operating Expenses

  • and many others!

Learn how to accurately determine the investment potential of any single family rental house before investing your money by utilizing the easy-to-use Value Play Rent House Analyzer software!

The numbers in blue are the variables keyed in by you!  All other numbers are formula driven and update immediately upon changing any variable  so that you always know how each and every change affects the potential maximum value of your property!  The Value Play Income Analyzer is low cost, easy to use, and very, very powerful!  A winning combination that provides you with a terrific value!



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The Excel version of The Value Play Rent House Analyzer software is NOW AVAILABLE!

To order, simply click on the button below.  Your Value Play Rent House Analyzer software will be available to you for immediate access!  As soon as your payment is approved, simply click on the link provided to you and download the file which you can then begin using immediately in your spreadsheet program!

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Rental House Analyzer
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